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Research HubObjective Experience has a state of the art testing facility for hire! Our King Street Wharf location offers a one stop shop for all market research needs; whether you need testing viewing rooms, a large boardroom for focus groups, stakeholder workshops or training programmes, through to recruitment and engaging our UX Consultants to manage your UX Research end to end.

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Objective Experience Latest News

21/03/16 – Are people watching your TV ads?

21/03/2016 - **NEWS FLASH** Read about our Sydney teams Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracking research on Think with Google!

What are the 3 things people want to know when riding in a taxi?

29/02/2016 - On our recent travels we whipped together some compelling insights and a competitive review on Taxi Mobile Apps. Download our whitepaper to find out the top 3 pieces of info Riders want during the journey.